Uatag - unique product fingerprintUatag - unique product fingerprint
Just from the heart of Tel-Aviv


Durind 18-19, March 2018 and UATAG team participated in the Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, organized by the Israeli Ukrainian Alliance. The Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo was focused on connecting and collaborating with peers. During two days entrepreneurs, innovators, angel investors, venture capitalists and many others were involved in developing startups in Israel and Ukraine gathered in the heart of the startup nation Tel Aviv to introduce its business activities, and share its success stories and fears.

Israeli-Ukrainian Innovation Expo 2018 was a huge international event with warm and friendly atmosphere. We were able to send a key message about UATAG on the startup pitch and got great support from the participants and jury. Right now we can confirm with 100% certainty that it has exceeded our expectations by far!

Many thanks for the support, inspiration and faith in UATAG solution for product originality verification and counterfeit protection. This event was UATAG’s first event in Israel and undoubtedly not the last.

We are at the point of reference. At the very beginning of the journey. Further - only forward!