Uatag - unique product fingerprintUatag - unique product fingerprint

How It Works

Each tag is photographed and entered into the database under its unique serial number.
Tags are packaged and delivered to the manufacturer.
The manufacturer attaches the tags to each product or packaging.
Products are shipped to the stores around the world.
Customer scans UATAG’s QR code and sees the image of this particular tag from the secure database.
Compares with the one that is attached to the product. If they match — the product is original!
UATAG gives 100% guarantee of the product's originality
How It Looks
Identificationindividual serialized alphanumeric product reference.
Visual comparison shield with unique and non-replicable cracked glass pattern.
QR code stored URL with product authenticity information for reading by the smartphone camera.
Temper evidence adhesives tag.any attempt to remove it, will cause the packaging damage.