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The way to success is simpler with the authentication of shipments.

In today's world, the demands on transportation and logistics companies are higher than ever. Global logistics market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 3.48% from 2016 to 2022 to attain a market size of around $12,256 billion by 2022.

In fact, global logistics market witnessing an increase in cargo theft, because the demand for black-market goods increased.

Today’s cargo theft perpetrators are often part of international crime syndicates. But theft statistics are difficult to track.

We understand that certain shipments require more than just the standard transportation from A to B, which is why, we provide solution for secure transporting of high-value goods via different mode of transport globally. It helps to identify, respond, and mitigate risk throughout the supply chain.

UATAG offers easy to integrate and impossible to replicate UNIQUE AUTHENTICATION SEAL specially designed for logistics. It protects high-value cargo integrity from theft, counterfeiting or substitution using patented authentication technology and the blockchain.


  • Highly reliable and unbreakable, prevent repacking of pallets during transit.
  • 100% copy-proof and one of its kind.
  • One time use only. Security feature is destroyed when removing the label.
  • Cost effective and durable enough to withstand all weather condition.
Cargo, protected by UATAG can be authenticated rapidly and easily by anyone.

The supplier integrates UATAG into product or packaging

Simple Scan
There is neither the need for special training nor expensive equipment. Instantly authenticate your shipments with any QR reading app to scan the QR Code of the UATAG Seal attached to the shipment.

The buyer scans UATAG’s QR code

Ease of Use
Within seconds connect to the online verification page and retrieve UATAG’s image from the blockchain.

Reliable Authentication

Reliable Authentication
Check the integrity of the cargo quickly and easily. Compare the UATAG glass pattern with its image on the screen. If it matches, then seal is valid and the cargo was not disturbed during transportation.


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UATAG is solution for your unique industry.
UATAG will not only allow express companies to follow up the transportation process accurately and effectively manage the work of couriers, but also allow customers to secure their cargo during transportation, which will allow the express companies to increases performance and customer satisfaction respectively.


Why choose UATAG?
  • Improved security against theft and diversion of cargo, specially with expensive goods upon transportation.
  • Reduced risk of illegal transportation of goods (counterfeits, narcotics, weapons).
  • Increased confidence in the trading system by current and new express companies.
  • Simplified screening procedures that saves time and money.


UATAG technology proposes a set of three unique approaches that guarantee 100% of protection.
Unique physical properties of glass (cracks).

When a plate of glass is mechanically damaged, the cracks that are formed will have a unique pattern that cannot be replicated. They play the role of your cargo fingerprint.

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Visual authentication with the naked eye.

The human eyes visual authentication approach is used in order to verify the authenticity of a product without using any additional devices.

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Backed by the blockchain database.

Using the blockchain, we get the most stable digital registry, reliable data synchronization and protection against substitution of data as a result of attacks.

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