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Protect Your Brand, Products, and Customers from Counterfeiting Using Our Unique Unbreakable Authentication Tag and the Blockchain.
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Every year the world industries lose billions of dollars to counterfeiters. According to Frontier Economic reports the total global economic value of counterfeit and pirated goods worth as much as $653.77 Billion in 2016 and accounts for up to 7% of the global world trade annually. The report estimates that these costs could reach $4.2 trillion by 2022.

The recent reports say that cheap copies hurt innovation and make it harder for business to compete. Thus, those industries that find themselves in direct competition with counterfeiters suffer from a direct loss in sales.

Furthermore, some markets are even dominated by counterfeiters, creating barriers of entry for the original brands. Moreover, counterfeits not only cost millions of dollars and jobs to industries, but they also pose a threat to consumers who, in some cases, don’t even know they’re buying fake products.

Is it possible to combat this problem?

There are many different approaches and methods to protect brand identity and its uniqueness: coding technologies, holographic, coatings, RFID, are all important elements in monitoring this process. However, each of the proposed methods of protection can be replicated, besides most of the available methods of protection require special scanning devices to identify the originality of the product, which precludes the potential buyers from the ability to check the authenticity of the product. And what is more important none of them guarantees a 100% protection.

Hologram Security
Barcode Technology
Taggants and Labels
Coding Technologies
UATAG has proposed easy to integrate and impossible to replicate UNIQUE AUTHENTICATION TAG for protection of high-end luxury goods and valuable items from counterfeiting or substitution usingpatented authentication technology and the blockchain.

The UATAG provides 100% protection from the counterfeits, allowing the customers all over the world to purchase the brand product and to be sure of its identity, creating the safer approach of purchasing goods and more confidence to brands. Furthermore, the customers could verify the product authenticity by themselves that provides purchasing opportunity to the customers and more reliable approach for all the original purchases.  

Non-reproducible technology.

UATAG technology gives 100% protection guarantee against forgery and counterfeit. It is impossible to re-use. It is easily noticeable when tampered with.

100% authenticity of works of art.

Verifying the authenticity of valuable items by attaching Unique Authentication Tag to the item itself and storing the information about the tag in a secured blockchain database.

Protect items

Protecting goods originality during a fit-out, wherever there is a theoretical possibility of substitution an original for a fake, and where an expert’s verification of originality will be much more expensive than the use of authentication tags.

Products protected by UATAG can be authenticated rapidly and easily by anyone.
The supplier integrates UATAG into product or packaging

Use any QR Code reading application to scan the QR Code of the UATAG label attached to the valuable item.

The buyer scans UATAG’s QR code

Once QR code is scanned, the user receives the image of the UATAG from the database and able to compare the glass pattern on the screen with the physical tag.

Retrieves UATAG’s image from the blockchain. If they match – the product is original

If UATAG glass pattern matches with their images on the screen, then the artwork is valid - innovation at its best.

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UATAG technology proposes a set of three unique approaches that guarantee 100% of protection.
Unique physical properties of glass (cracks).

Due to the unique physical properties of glass, the position, shape, and size of the glass cracks are completely unpredictable and non-reproducible. When a plate of glass is mechanically damaged, the cracks that are formed will have a unique pattern that cannot be replicated. Thus, each UATAG identifier can protect genuine artwork with the highest level of security.

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Visual authentication with the naked eye.

The resolution of a human eye is about 3000 dpi. For comparison, computer screens have resolutions between 72 dpi and 105 dpi. Thus, in distinguishing small parts of the image details (the cracks), the human eye is better than any scanner. Therefore, the human eyes visual authentication approach is used in order to verify the authenticity of a product without using any additional devices.

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Application of blockchain technology to keep track of all the records.

The blockchain database is highest possible protection against tampering and reliably supports a growing number of digital records. Furthermore, using the blockchain, we get the most stable digital registry, reliable data synchronization and protection against substitution of data as a result of attacks.

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